About BadMojo

BadMojo Vintage Makeovers specializes in guitar refinishing and restoration with a focus on vintage nitrocellulose guitar finishes from the 50's and 60's. All guitars are carefully processed, stripped and painstakingly refinished with top quality 100% non-plasticized nitrocellulose lacquer. Our nitrocellulose will age and weather check just like the guitars that have been around 50 plus years. Nothing beats the look and feel of nitro!  

Don't have a vintage guitar? No problem! Send us your modern guitar and we will give it a "Vintage Makeover". We do non-vintage guitars all the time. We are not limited to Gibson and Fender guitars. We welcome guitars of all types. Just send us an email and we will give you a free estimate. 

When it comes to aging our finishes we take an authentic and realistic approach. We like to give your finish a jump start on the aging process and let it age naturally on its own. All of our colors are mixed in-house. This gives us the ability to replicate the different variations in vintage Gibson and Fender colors, as well as unique colors for our customers.  

We offer three vintage distressing options HEAVY, MEDIUM and LIGHT. We know our clients have different tastes. Some like a really aged looking guitar while others like a slightly cleaner finish. We can also do anywhere in between. At BadMojo we are happy to meet our clients needs.

We are a small shop that prides ourselves on our top quality work, attention to detail and outstanding customer service. Our goal is to make your guitar look and feel like a true vintage instrument and make you a part of the makeover process. 

Send us your guitar and we will send it back with some BadMojo!