Policy and General Info


1. All payments are facilitated via PayPal and incur a 3% PayPal fee. A PayPal invoice will be sent just before completion. 


2. Items will not be shipped or released to the customer in person until the invoice is paid in full.


3. Any item(s) that have not been paid in full after 60 days of receipt of invoice will be sold to recoup losses.


4. Please let us know if you might have trouble making payment. We can work with you on a payment plan.


1. We ship all Item(s) via UPS or USPS.

2. Customers are responsible to cover all shipping fees including the "Declared Value" of the item(s). The customer must specify a declared value of the item(s) in writing before we return ship. If the customer does not state a declared value or declines the items will be shipped at customers own risk.

3. Shipping will be calculated and added to the invoice. 

4. Please ship your item in an appropriate container with proper padding to protect the item(s) during shipping.


5. Please protect the item from any type of liquid spills that may occur during shipping. 

6. Please photograph the condition of the item(s) just before boxing the item(s) to be shipped. This would include; guitar, case, contents of case and any items sent. We record unboxing and take photos of the condition of items and anything sent with the item. Please see "UPS Photo Documentation Requirements" below before you ship.  

7. Guitar boxes MUST have "Fragile" and "This End Up" on the box. If not, UPS will instantly decline payout in the event your instrument is damaged during shipping.

8) We strongly suggest clients use 3rd party insurance. BadMojo Vintage Makeovers is not responsible for damages and/or lost & stolen items during shipping.

UPS Photo Documentation Requirements:

1. A photo of the damaged item

2. Photo of the damaged merchandise, inside the original box, with all the original cushioning (picture should show the placement of the merchandise and packing inside the box)


3. A photo of the packing used inside the box (e.g. bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, cardboard dividers, etc.)


4. A close-up photo of the shipping label with tracking number (please zoom in enough to read the tracking number, which usually begins with 1Z) 

5. A close-up of the box manufacture's certificate (BCM), If available

6. Two photos displaying all six sides od the package (One photo should display the top and two sides. The second should display the bottom and the opposite sides.

7. Dimensions of the box, including the package height, length, and width

Info from UPS as of 01/24/2019. Check with UPS for current requirements. 


**Please note this information is to help you in the event of a damaged item. This does not guarantee UPS will payout**

Parts and Electronics

As we all know parts and electronics will eventually fail, when this will happen is hard to tell. We go through great lengths to carefully remove and catalog all components. It is possible for components to stop working or become faulty while in our custody. Because we can't verify what kind of life it has had before it was sent to us, we are not responsible if a component fails or becomes faulty while in our custody. If it's not essential to the refinishing process, don't send it! 


BadMojo Vintage Makeovers reserves the right to decline services. Some projects may not be in our scope of service. BadMojo does not do ultra clean flawless finishes. If that is your expectation, this is not the shop for you. By sending your item(s) you agree to the policy information outlined on this page. It is the clients responsibility to go over all information on this site. Due to the diversity of the projects It is almost impossible to outline everything on a website, if you have any questions, please contact us.