Fender Makeovers

BadMojo has a full line of fender custom colors as well as some non-vintage colors with old school Nitrocellulose on our Fender Makeovers. Want a unique color? We mix our all our own colors and metallics, just shoot us an email and we will try to make it happen. 

In order to keep prices budget friendly prices are listed without a catalyzed base coat. Please be aware that wood grain will show under the finish without the base coat. This will be most noticeable on metallic finishes. See the additional services section for prices on catalyzed base coat.

Fender Colors

Arctic White​

Aged Cream​



Burgundy Mist​

Butterscotch ​

Butterscotch Blonde​

Candy Apple Red​

Capri Orange


Copper Metallic NEW!

Dakota Red

Daphne Blue ​

Fiesta Red​

Inca Silver

Lake Placid Blue​

Laurel Green Metallic NEW!

Mary Kaye White​

Maui Blue

Ocean Turquoise Metallic

Olympic White​

Sea Foam Green​

Shoreline Gold

Shell Pink

Surf Green​

Sherwood Green​

Sonic Blue​

Taos Turquoise

Teal Green Metallic

2 Color Burst

3 Color Burst

50's Tabacco 2 Color Burst

50's Tobacco 3 Color Burst

Pricing for Raw Wood

Prices are for a new body or neck that has no finish and does not need any prep work.


Apply finish to raw wood



Apply finish to raw wood.


Whole Guitar

Apply finish to raw wood


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Pricing to Strip & Refinish

Prices are for removing nitrocellulose finishes

+ $100 to strip poly bodies


Strip and refinish



Strip and refinish


Whole Guitar

Strip and refinish


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Additional Services

Charges in addition to the prices listed above

Bound Bodies

The binding will be masked off and hand scraped.


Grain Filler

This product is to fill pores in open grain woods and will not level the deep grain lines in Ash. If you want the body to be "dead level" we will need to apply a catalyzed base coat.


Catalyzed Base Coat

This product is applied to wood then sanded flat to fill grain and level the surface. If you dont want to see grain lines, This is the product you will need.


Headstock Color

Paint headstock same color as body


Candy Apple Red

Spray guitar with white primer, gold or silver metallic base, translucent red and clear top coat.


Custom Color over Burst

Spray guitar with burst and add a custom color over it.


Parts Removal

Remove and reinstall all hardware and electronics


Age Hardware

Distress & patina metal hardware and plastics


New Strings

Install new D'Addario .010-.046 strings


Setup with Fixed Bridge

Includes: Truss rod adjustment, set string height, set pickup height, clean and oil rosewood fretboard.


Setup with Floating Trem

Includes: Set proper trem height, truss rod adjustment, set string height, set pickup height, clean and oil rosewood fretboard and new D'Addario strings .010-.046


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Aged Olympic White