Gibson Makeovers

BadMojo specializes in vintage Les Paul and Gibson finishes. We can make your Gibson look like they did in the days of Ted McCarty. We use only the best old school nitro and hand mixed aniline dyes. Because we mix all our own colors we can make different variations of a color to represent fading and aging. We offer three vintage distressing options LIGHT, MEDIUM and HEAVY. Please see below for a more details.

 Color Options

Pure White

Aged White (yellow tint)



Gold Top

Laurel Green 

Pelham Blue

TV Yellow

TV White

Heather Poly 

Copper Metallic 

Cherry Burst

Dirty Lemon Burst

Iced Tea Burst

Dark Burst

The Les Paul Makeover

BadMojo Vintage Makeovers uses a vintage correct 'Les Paul Model' silkscreen and Serial Number stamp. Both silkscreen and serial number stamp are the exact font, typeface and size that was used on the beloved Les Pauls of the 50s and 60s. 

We use hand mixed vintage correct aniline dyes, old school nitrocellulose lacquer, and lacquer pigments on our Les Paul Makeovers. Our vintage correct aniline dyes will fade over time when exposed to UV light, just like the original bursts.

Vintage upgrades are available for your Les Paul such as; Cellulose Nitrate Inlays, Nylon Nut, Holly Headstock Veneer, Headstock Stinger and Mother of Pearl "Gibson" logo. 

 Les Paul Makeovers Includes:

  • Removing Existing Finish

  • Body Prep

  • Nitrocellulose Lacquer

  • "Les Paul Model"  Logo Silkscreen

  • Ink Stamp Serial Number (where applicable)

  • Natural Weather Checking

  • Light Distressing

  • Signed BadMojo Makeovers COA

Vintage Correct Mother-of-Pearl Inlays

Current Reissue Inlay Also Available.

Vintage Correct Silkscreens


Les Paul Model 

Les Paul Special

Les Paul TV Model

Les Paul Junior

Vintage Correct Serial Number Ink Stamps

Available in Black and White Ink.

Custom Serial Numbers and Letters Available Like Birthdate and Initials etc.

Holly Headstock Veneers

We can replace your current veneer with a vintage correct holly veneer. We start be carefully removing the existing veneer. Next we use your headstock as a template for the new veneer to ensure a perfect fit. The final shaping is done with small woodworking files to achieve a crisp seamless edge. Finally the mother of pearl inlay is installed.

Headstock Stinger

Stingers add a nice touch to any Gibson. Serial numbers will be ink stamped in white ink.

All Natural Weather Checking

Our weather checking occurs naturally by cycling from cold to room temperature.

Cellulose Nitrate Inlays

We will remove your existing inlays and replace them with vintage correct cellulose nitrate inlays. Gibson used cellulose nitrate on the original 1950's Les Pauls.

Vintage Distressing Options

Light Distressing

This Finish will be high gloss with the occasional scratch or ding. It will be as clean as it can be for a 60 year old guitar.

Medium Distressing

This finish will be gloss to slightly dull with scratches, dings and dents. It will look like it has been played often and acquired some mojo over the years. 

Heavy Distressing

This finish will be gloss or dull and have chips, dings and dents. It will look like it has been played hard and has seen lots of bar room action. 

Arm Wear

We can add "arm wear" to any distressing level 

Buckle Wear

We can add "buckle wear" to any distressing level. 

Gibson & Les Paul Makeover Pricing 

Les Paul Custom and ES

Guitars with binding on front, back and/or headstock. Such as LP Customs and ES Guitars


Les Paul Burst or Gold Top

Guitars with binding on top. Typical Les Paul style guitars


SG, Les Paul Studio and Explorer

Guitars without binding on the body.


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Additional Services and Add-Ons

Charges in addition to the prices above

MOP "Gibson" Inlay and Holly Headstock Veneer

Replace factory 'Gibson" logo with period correct font and orientation based on the year you are going for. Price includes removing old veneer and replacing it with a vintage correct Holly Headstock Veneer and MOP Gibson inlay.


Headstock Stinger

Give your guitar a cool look with a stinger on your head stock. SN will be stamped with white ink.


Cellulose Nitrate Inlays

Remove old inlays and replace with Cellulose Nitrate inlays.


Remove and Replace Parts

We will remove all parts and electronics prior to refinishing then reinstal when the refinishing is complete.


Parts Shadows

Unfaded red areas under the hardware.


Candy Apple Red Top

Apply a translucent cherry red tint-coat over hand mixed gold metallic basecoat.


Candy Apple Red Whole Guitar

Apply a translucent cherry red tint-coat over hand mixed gold metallic basecoat front and back.



Includes: Truss rod adjustment, set intonation, set string height, set pickup height, clean and oil rosewood fretboard


New Strings

String guitar with D'Addario .010 - .046


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