" Hope you had a good Christmas. My son Daniel sure did, thanks to you! " 
- Dan from New Jersey
" The aging was tastefully done, and the feel is great! Will definitely recommend to others for finish work. "
- Wes from TGP Forum 

" BadMojo did an excellent job on my Tele. Andy gave it a nice vintage vibe. He is definitely my go to guy. "

- Mark from California
- Stephen from Pennsylvania
" Received my Tele body Makeover today and it is magnificent! The finish is actually as good, if not better, than I would expect from Fender! I am absolutely, thoroughly grateful & satisfied! Big thank you to Andy! "
" Hey Andy.. just checked out my strat [1959].. outstanding!!! Looks even better in person. You did a great job! I'm loving it! "
- Christopher from Massachusetts
" I recently had the body of my 1964 Stratocaster stripped of its mediocre 1980s refinish, properly sprayed in Surf Green, and tastefully distressed by BadMojo. I'm absolutely thrilled with the result! The progress was swift, the updates were frequent and useful, and the outcome was spectacular. Andy will be my first call next time I need this kind of work done."
- David from Alabama, MLP Forum 
" Andy did a wonderful job with a makeover on a 1964 Reissue Tele Thinskin that was originally Lake Placid Blue but had checked in a very unrealistic, unattractive way. Rather than have the guitar refinished in LPB, I asked Andy to refinish it in Inca Silver with a light aging/relicing. He did an amazing job on the body, neck and hardware and the Tele looks and feels like a real ’64 Tele. Throughout the process, Andy’s communication was excellent and close to instant. Great job, couldn’t be happier, many thanks."
- Martyn from California, TGP Forum 
- Brandon from Michigan
" This guitar looks amazing! [Les Paul] BadMojo did an amazing job and I couldn't be happier. Get one of these while they're still affordable guys. They won't be for long as awesome as the workmanship is! "
" Andy, just picked up the guitar [Les Paul]. Wow, superlative work. Thanks so much. This guitar will get played. "
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- Joe from Califorina
" BadMojo does great work and are very easy to work with. My '90's Telecaster now look and plays like a vintage Fender. The Cherry Burst nitro finish is beautiful. They worked with me to get exactly what I wanted and I'm very happy with the finished product. "
- John from Massachusetts 
" Wow! the SG Makeover looks terrific! The guitar was in ROUGH shape, but you fixed the issues and nailed the color from the pictures I sent. Perfect now. Thanks for the great job, Andy! "
- Randy from Minnesota 
" WOAH! I've had a fascination with sunburst guitars since I was a kid in the 90's. This is the most awesome sunburst I've ever seen! I'm thrilled. Thanks for being awesome! "
- Jonathan from Virgina 
" Andy, received the guitar yesterday, its beautiful! I can't wait to get it re-strung, the pick guards on it, and out gigging showing it off! Thanks for the good work and excellent service! "
- Rodger from Washington 
" Andy, just a note to thank you again for the amazing work you did on the three Tele bodies I sent last month! I took a chance after reading stellar reviews of your work and speaking with you on the phone. You are now my go to for any future projects. Your finishes are top notch, your turnaround time is top notch and most importantly your communication and attention to detail was everything I needed to get the finishes exactly the way I specified. You ROCK and crush your competition I will never call anyone else. You are the man!"
- Peter from Massachusetts 
 " I spent months trying to find an expert to refinish my beloved and very expensive Gibson Custom Shop archtop. I came across dozens of folks offering refinishing services but usually encountered red flags that made me too nervous to trust them. Usually the responses seemed to indicate that they weren't all that interested in the work. I was also quoted insanely high prices and extremely long turn times (6-12 months). Further, I wanted a nice vintage style tobacco sunburst. Most of the examples I've seen from other providers just seemed off to me. Sunburst is hard to achieve right. Either they don't fade the colors right, the shape of the burst is way off, and/or the dark outer area is too much. From the moment I contacted Badmojo Andy, I was excited. He seemed excited to work on my guitar, and took my notes/specs seriously. The pricing and turn time I was quoted was reasonable and I jumped on it right away. What I received back absolutely blew me away. I have the exact same guitar model in sunburst from the factory - and Andy's sunburst is BETTER! I've been at this for decades, including working as a guitar tech on tour, and in shops in a major music town. Seriously - this is one of the best sunbursts I've ever seen and my peers who see the guitar agree. Aside from the fantastic quality of work, Andy's customer service is stellar. Most guitar guys, for some reason, are not usually very good at custom service. I gave Andy a little bit of a hard time with my nervousness about shipping, and he was attentive and reassuring - never getting frustrated with any of my requests. If you're paranoid and overly sensitive about your guitars like me, don't panic! It really doesn't get any better than this!  Best materials. Best workmanship. Stellar service. Reasonable pricing and turn times. The best! "
- Jonathan from Virgina 
" So after a few emails to Andy off it went. I asked for a stinger headstock and to have the color matched to a vintage 4 digit Hamer Standard. I emailed Andy the pics of the guitar and color I was looking to have copied and sprayed on the R8. I don’t want a top recarve or a reshaped neck. I did have a nylon nut installed, stinger headstock, asked for some weather checking and light relicing. Well folks I received the guitar back last Friday and SOB if Andy didn’t nail it! "
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- Jamie from California
"I learned about Andy from Badmojo Makeovers on this forum and everybody I spoke to had nothing but good things to say about him and his work. I figured he would be a great choice to finish my project. I sent Andy my guitar to have him strip and refinish the back and sides to a faded cherry red, on the cusp of turning orange. He also added the headstock stinger and re-stamped the serial number in a 1950s typeface. He nailed the color exactly and I could not be happier with how everything turned out. "
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-Eric from Indiana
 "He took my vision of what I wanted this project to be and exceeded every expectation. I think his works speaks for itself. As far as Andy goes, it was an absolute joy getting to work with him on this."
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-Eric from Indiana